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About Amber

After 14 years living in the 45th District (Woodinville, Redmond, Duvall, and Woodinville again), our family has watched the area grow and change. Some of the growth and change has been good, and some not so good. The last few years, we have watched our friends and neighbors struggle to afford increases in rent and property taxes. We’ve watched our retiring friends and neighbors be priced out of homes they’ve been in for 30 years. We’ve watched developments go in without regard for the traffic impacts it will have on the surrounding community. We’ve watched our public school districts go from being ranked some of the best in the nation, to struggling to provide adequate education for our children. We’ve watched businesses and organizations struggle to expand to serve their patrons and our community because of governmental regulations and permitting costs. And we’ve watched the cost of living skyrocket while Olympia does more and more of their work behind a veil of closed-door meetings and refusals to comply with the Public Records Act.

Transparency. Accountability. Responsibility. Integrity. This is what legislative representation should look like. Our legislators are meant to represent us, the people of WA State. Instead we are being shoved aside while they pander to businesses and unions and special-interest groups. The conflict of interest is glaring and it’s time to put an end to pay-to-play politics.

Let’s make sure our legislators are advocating for us...that our priorities are their priorities. I would be honored to have your vote, and will be dedicated to representing you with true integrity. #ChangeHappensNOW #AK4WA

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