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WA state is tax-addicted and has a spending problem! Time to rein it in!


One of the quickest and simplest ways to rein in spending is to reevaluate the prioritization of our spending. What percentage of funding goes to administrator salaries as compared to the programs?

Fiscal Responsibility

WA state is obligated to be fiscally responsible with our tax-payer dollars. We need better accountability! We should know where money goes, and we should generally approve of what it's used for.


Our schools are struggling! As quality of education diminishes, family opt for private education and public school lose even more funding.

School Choice

Families should be able to choose the school that is best for their children.

Government Reform

We need transparency! SB6617's attempt to legislate ignoring the Public Records Act should be a wake-up call for all of us.


Any government that tries to exempt itself from transparency rules should make you suspicious. If it weren't for the Seattle Times exposing democrats in WA, they might have been able to pull it off!


We have a problem and it's complex. We need a multi-faceted solution that addresses the major reasons for homelessness. No more waste!

Seattle's Tiny Houses Project

Seattle's attempts to fix the this crisis have backfired terribly. At the very least, we need to prioritize those who truly became homeless in WA over those already homeless who decided to move here.

Addressing The Core Issues

People are homeless for different reasons. From struggles with mental illness, to drug addiction, to the intentional choice to unintended circumstances. Throwing money at the problem ISN'T an answer.


"I'm just here so we won't get taxed..."

Car tab tax, sugar tax, carbon tax, head tax...Seriously, enough is enough!

Tax Reform

We are NOT Washington State's pocketbook. There is no shortage of tax money going into our government, the recent surge in taxation is gratuitous. Time to pressure WA state for fiscal responsibility!


I believe we can find a viable solution to our arterial congestion if we think outside the box and collaborate between cities and King Co.

Regulation And Permitting...

Can you guess what the biggest cost of building new roads is? I'll give you a hint, it isn't labor and materials...

Time for regulatory reform, especially for our struggling unincorporated areas.

Road Jurisdiction

Cities are expanding their roads to accommodate growing populations but county roads are outside their jurisdiction. We must work together to find a viable solution...time to think outside the box!


Plain and simple, as president, Trump has my support when he does well, and my condemnation when he doesn't.

Just So We're Clear...

Gorsuch - Good

Omnibus - Bad

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